Siemens Design Ops

Corporate Design Workflow

A guided implementation of new a design development tool to supercharge their workflow.


During a project with the Siemens UI team on an embedded interface for one of their home appliance products, I learned about the internal design operations. In 2019 interfaces were still being designed in Adobe Photoshop and communication between product, design and development was largely over email and annotated PDFs. With product development consequently being quite slow, I saw an opportunity to help.


How can I help the Siemens UI team recognise and implement new tools and workflows that will improve stakeholder communication and speed up product development?


Coordinating with a Siemens UI designer and the department lead, I held workshops and 1-on-1s to understand the fears and desires around available tools. Taking corporate IT requirements into account, I introduced Adobe XD to the team. I acted as a mediator between Siemens and the Adobe XDI team to facilitate the onboarding of Siemens Designers to the Adobe XD software.


After introducing Adobe XD to designers, product managers and developers we agreed to trial the software on the original imbedded interface project I had started working on. We successfully completed the project in record time using the new workflow.

Workshop presentation