TRIQ Triathlon App

iOS App

A dynamic training plan for endurance athletes that adjusts to fit your routine.


TRIQ is an early-stage startup founded by a passionate hobby-triathlete who is new to the world of digital product development. When IXDS (the agency where I worked) was approached, TRIQ had done some preliminary research and had a long list of features that users had requested.


How might we design a smart iOS app for triathletes that pleasantly works around their daily schedules and prevents overtraining?

How can we help TRIQ build an MVP iteratively so that they can get a valuable product into the hands of their users as quickly and efficiently as possible?


I led the design of the app with the support of a junior designer. We worked closely with TRIQ's founder, Product Manager and small development team. After conducting an MVP-scoping workshop with the team I worked with the TRIQ Product Manager to define the user stories and product roadmap. I temporarily stepped in as interim Product Manager and additionally consulted the client on building an in-house design team.


We helped establish a strong, iterative product development process in the new startup and designed prototypes of the app's core functionalities for user-testing to kick-start TRIQ's product development and guide them toward a launch in 2021.

Great job! Seriously, no one’s ever seen our team this happy before. We’ll be preparing more user stories!“

- Cosima Geyer Product Manager, TRIQ

Training Plan - Week View (Wireframes)
Training Plan Generator - Set Time Slot (Wireframes)
Training Plan (Wireframes)